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The joint-stock company but if the number of owners exceeds 500 can carry out functions of the registrar, it has to transfer maintaining the register of the third-party organization, professionally rendering service in maintaining registers.

Investors can be classified by a number of signs. It is considered the most significant their status. Then investors it is possible to divide on individual (natural persons), institutional (collective) and professionals of the market.

If the main issuer on securities market is the state, the main investor defining a condition of stock market - the individual investor, i.e. the natural person using the savings for acquisition of securities.

The settlement and clearing organization can serve any one stock exchange or at once some stock exchanges or securities markets. The last option is more preferable as usually professional share intermediaries work at once at many stock exchanges and it is more convenient and more favorable to them if settlement service of all such markets is conducted in one place.

More introduction of licensing of operations in stock market without their division on broker and dealer is reasonable. Such approach will allow to avoid uncertainty of the status of the investment company compelled to accept various appearances during the work with clients, will simplify control of actions of investment company.

The second group is made by professional dealers, share intermediaries, i.e. those whom call brokers and dealers. These are the organizations, and in a number of the countries – and citizens, for which trade in securities – the primary professional activity. Their task consists in serving issuers and investors, to satisfy their needs for an entry into stock market.

Participants of securities market are natural persons or the organizations who sell or buy securities or serve their turn and calculations for them; is those who enters among themselves certain economic relations concerning the circulation of securities.

the organizations serving securities market - can include organizers of securities market (stock exchanges or not exchange organizers, financial settlements centers (Clearing houses, Clearing centers), registrars, depositaries, information bodies or the organizations;