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Breath of soils also sensitively reacts to oil pollution. During the first period when the microflora is suppressed by a large number of UV, intensity of breath decreases, with increase in number of microorganisms intensity of breath increases.

The concept of restoration of the polluted lands proceeds from situation that in different soil and climatic and landscape and geochemical conditions processes of transformation of pollutants of similar type in the same doses happen to different speed and stop at different stages. Also results of impact of different doses of pollutants on ecosystems differ. Self-cleaning and self-restoration of ecosystems - the phasic biochemical process of transformation of the polluting substances interfaced to phasic restoration of a biocenosis.

the author of this report compulsory oxidation of oil and oil products by means of soil microorganisms is. Practice of entering into the soil of bacterial strains is now still not really widespread. To it there are many reasons one of which is incompatibility of conditions of normal activity of bacteria with conditions of this region. For example in places of the main oil production, i.e. in the conditions of Far North, many species of bacteria are not viable in a consequence of low temperatures and specific soil structure. Therefore it is necessary to make researches for identification of possible bacterial strains.