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to work of designs and the equipment in sea conditions. Manufacturing techniques of details and thin-walled welded designs from corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys are fulfilled, the equipment is created special (or it is finished serial), the systems and devices providing necessary characteristics of reliability, the corresponding terms are created

Difference consists only that, first, the underwater wing moves in much more dense (approximately by 800 times) Wednesday and at the expense of it has considerably the smaller potrebny area for creation of the necessary

on small, in comparison with plane, speeds. The uniform plug of the screw that provided high non-failure operation of operation of air screws at change of their step is developed and used to all KVP with the displacement over 100 t. The defining value for seaworthiness, amfibiynost and wear resistances of a flexible protection has an air consumption via the airbag. Special schemes of axial and centrifugal superchargers which have high efficiency at small dimensions were developed for air supply. It allowed to reduce the areas and volumes occupied by mechanisms.

In separate modifications of sea ekranoplan possibility of maneuvering on movement height is provided, up to purely plane modes that often happens it is necessary for ensuring safety in cases of unexpected obstacles in a movement course, and also

Ekranoplan "Eaglet" represents the svobodnonesushchy monoplane including a fuselage of a streamline shape with hydrodynamic and amfibiyny elements in the lower part and developed (that otmechno above) tail plumage.

that is especially important at take-off of an ekranoplan in the conditions of the uneasy sea. For the same purposes having blown it is applied and when landing on the run mode. Besides, having blown by means of the special devices provided in the lower part of a fuselage provides amfibiyny properties of an ekranoplan.

Vessels on the static airbag (SSVP) allowed to raise some the top limit of speed in comparison with SPK, but for them 150 - 180 km/h because of loss became an insuperable barrier approximately

The landing ships have some features following from their appointment, however the experience acquired by shipbuilders and designers, and also many technical solutions can be used fully and in civil shipbuilding.

Work on practical application of screen effect was conducted in parallel both shipbuilders, and aircraft manufacturers. It was interesting to the first as means to increase of speed of the movement of vessels, and the second - as

weather conditions of an experimental ekranoplan of KM (ship model) the crash landing in a non-staff situation as a result of which critical damage of a design were sustained took place and it failed. However did nevertheless without the human victims. Emergency landings because of refusals of an equipment

At the same time it should be noted that on survivability and traffic safety of an ekranoplana have the essential advantages in comparison with planes caused by that in emergencies, including

the movements and by planes when landing and flying at small height). Naturally, as a result of supervision and researches after the physical essence of the phenomenon was revealed, experts of the different countries began to find ways of its use.

was under construction landing the boat on the Lobster airbag (the ave. 1209) for transportation of 60 paratroopers. Displacement full - 54 t, the speed of a full speed - 60 knots. Technical solutions of this boat to nasto-

So, widespread introduction of hydrofoils (SPK) in the 60th years radically changed passenger traffic on water transport, having made them profitable for the state and attractive

It is known that so far abroad on the basis of pilot and theoretical studies more than fifty experimental samples of ekranoplan are constructed, and also praktichesk-y samples are constructed, for example, patrol A. Lippisha and passenger ekranoplana of G. Jörg (Germany) are under construction. Founders of these ekranopla-

Height of the effective movement of an ekranoplan over a surface is commensurable with geometrical sizes of an air wing, thus positive influence of screen effect amplifies with reduction of height of the movement.